Armageddon is the term for the End Times that became popular among mages (those aligned with mysticism, at least) in the Final Nights.


Armageddon springs from the same myths that speak of Mass Ascension. The universe sundered after its creation, with pieces of the One primal essence shattering into the shards that became Avatars. In theory, mages seek Ascension so that they might reunite these shards with the cosmic essence, in effect healing the universe's birthing injuries. Armageddon is a dark alternative, where the forces of magic will battle and lay waste to the Tellurian, perhaps forever. A few mages cling to the notion that Armageddon opens the door to a new age, the old world destroyed to usher in the next one.

Each Tradition has its own myths about an end of the world, drawing on the corpus of legends that circulate among the Sleepers. The Technocracy has no real eschatological equivalent, only the way forward to global Ascension. The Nephandi work to make Armageddon a Descension of the world, to reduce it back into the primal darkness before the One.



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