Card depicting Arkady.

Arkady Iceclaw was a pure breed Silver Fang Ahroun from House Crescent Moon.


In 1994, Arkady escaped Russia to seek aid from House Wyrmfoe against the enemies that dominated Eastern Europe, but his request was denied.[1] Some say he had madness of his own, an ambition to free his motherland that caused him to lose all sense of honor in its pursuit. But the fact is, that after the death of King Jacob Morningkill, Arkady manipulated events to become king himself and even managed to defeat Jonas Albrecht in a duel (albeit through the workings of the Wyrm).

Because of his pure breed status, no one dared to contest Arkady, simply because he was widely believed to be the purest Silver Fang born in generations. In truth, he had forged an alliance with the Black Spiral Dancers to obtain the Silver Crown, but his plans were foiled by Albrecht's pack. Albrecht finally took hold of the crown and deposed Arkady before his official coronation. In an act of mercy Albrecht since regretted, he spared Arkady’s life and exiled him back to Russia.

This eventually proved wise, as Arkady led many victories in the battle to free Eastern Europe from the Wyrm curse, and finally sacrificed himself to defeat a great Wyrm beast called Jo'clatth'mattric, the dragon of Croatia. Soon after, with mysterious aid still unknown to the garou, the Hag also fell, and her empire of sorrow with her.

Although Albrecht still can’t stand the guy, even he gives him reluctant kudos for finally redeeming himself. The revelation of his deceit was also the crucial key that opened a dialogue between Tamara Tvarivich and the American King.


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