Archons & Templars is a sourcebook for the enforcers of the Kindred sects: the Archons of the Camarilla, and the Templars and Inquisitors of the Sabbat.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Vanguards of the Great Sects
Titles among the Damned aren't always primogen and prisci. Somebody has to do the dirty work. From fighting Lupines to hunting rogue Cainites, from enforcing the Traditions to leading a crusade, a few bold vampires step to the head of the charge. Those vampires are the unsung champions of the night.
Archons & Templars includes:
  • A chance to play high-status characters from both of the prominent sects
  • New powers and tactics used by the elite guardians of the Kindred
  • A device on creating a chronicle exclusively about one sect’s champions


Chapter One: The Noble CauseEdit

Chapter Two: Captains of the Holy WarEdit

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Chapter Four: Of Wits and WisdomEdit

Chapter Five: StorytellingEdit

Appendix: Tools of the TradeEdit

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