An Archon is a recognized agent of one of the Justicars of the Camarilla. If the Justicars are the hands of the Inner Circle, the Archons are its fingers.


archon: A high official, a ruler; One of the nine principal magistrates of ancient Athens; An authoritative figure, a leader

Archons are almost always selected by their Justicar at the beginning of the Justicar's term and are usually dismissed when their Justicar is replaced. Individuals may be chosen to become an Archon for a variety of services ranging from combat prowess, tactics, investigative, or espionage capabilities. They are often chosen from the ranks of the servires who have proven themselves as valuable aides-de-camp among senior Archons.

Archons themselves are usually quite skilled in their own right, and as envoys of their Justicar's will, carry a lot of political clout. However, Archons do not always act openly, and may simply divert resources and information to certain Kindred from behind the scenes. In fact, it is a large embarrassment to a city's Prince for an Archon to be dispatched to help maintain order. Given the traditionally untrustworthy nature of vampiric society, Archons usually have their loyalty ensured artificially through the blood bond.

Original ArchonsEdit

Though they acted as Archons for the Founders, the four pioneer Kindred that took the position were not under Blood Oath to their respective Justicars – unlike many in modern times. Hounded by more powerful Cainites during the first nights of their new unlives, they learned of the power of the Blood Bond and opted to bond to one another through sharing their blood. Each Archon was under the Blood Oath to another, who had in turn sworn the oath to yet another. The bonds that existed within this coterie were its greatest secrets, yet also a source of strength it could depend upon in times of crisis.[1]

Archons Blood Oaths

The Original Archons' Blood Oaths

The first Archons were:

Classifications Edit

Over the years a number of different ranks and branches have formed among archons:

  • Praetors are notable archons who have been given authority over their peers. The position normally only lasts as long as a given assignment, but some continue to use the title with pride.
  • Alastors are those who hunt individuals on the Red List and answer directly to the Inner Circle. They are given a mark indicating their exemption from the laws and persecution of a local city, though few would recognize it as the alastors are technically a secret organization.
  • Dogcatchers is an informal title for archons that have made a habit of taking on werewolves and coming out of the exchange victorious. They possess a far greater knowledge of werewolf abilities, habits, and societies than other vampires.
  • Doppelgangers are deep-cover archons who study and replace an individual in order to spy on their peers. While such individuals may be sent to spy on the Sabbat or Independent Clans, such assignments are often considered too dangerous. Instead, doppelgangers are typically used for internal security.
  • E Division is a branch of archons devoted to investigating matters of the occult and unknown phenomena that is beyond the experience of most Kindred.
  • Quaesitors are almost entirely Tremere archons that tend to all the sect's sorcerous needs, whether its combating Sabbat koldun, mages, or hunting rogue Tremere.

Notable ArchonsEdit

Known ArchonsEdit

Name Clan Generation Served Under Time Frame Source(s)
Archon-Captain Alejandro Kleist Lasombra antitribu  ? Xaviar since 1942
Alyssa Maas  ?  ?  ? prior to 2005
Anastasz di Zagreb Tremere 9th  ? early 1900s until 1998
Angelino "Angel" Hammer Brujah 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Anna Petrova Brujah  ?  ?  ?
Barnes Toreador  ?  ? currently active
Basilio Radovan  ?  ?  ? circa 1930s
Brody MacKenzie Toreador  ?  ? circa 2005
Carlak Brujah 8th Petrodon (formerly Dmitra Ilyanova) circa 1920s-1972
Cashmere (Jessica Morrow) Ventrue 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Charity Caize Malkavian 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Dawn Nakada Malkavian 10th Maris Streck since 1998
Delaurent  ?  ?  ? circa 1999
Eleanor Johnston Hodge Ventrue 7th Baylor 1865 until the early 20th century
Falk of Maastricht Ventrue  ? Godefroy since 1739
Federico DiPadua Nosferatu 7th Cock Robin (formerly Petrodon; originally Josef von Bauren) from the sect's inception until Gehenna
Fergus Alexander Gangrel 13th Xaviar since the mid-1990s
Gail Lovett Gangrel  ? Petrodon until 1987
Gates Gangrel 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Geoffrey Leigh Gangrel 6th Violetta circa 1666-1848
Gilbert d'Harfleur Ventrue 7th  ? circa 1444-1493
Hafsa Assamite 8th Madame Guil circa 1993
Hamilton Cross  ?  ?  ? circa 1999
Horatius Muir  ?  ? Petrodon until 1998
Ian Carfax Tremere 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1970s-2011
Ilyana Ravidovich Ventrue 10th  ? circa 1999
Indrid Cold presumably Gangrel  ? Luchenko circa 1968
Jaroslav Pascek Brujah 7th Carlak 1834-1998
Father Jean-Marc d'Harfleur Toreador 7th  ? circa 1444-1493
Julian "Jules" Sanderson Tremere 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Julius Brujah  ? Jaroslav Pascek until 1999
Kirsten Bellamy Toreador  ?  ? circa 2002
Klaudia Lange Gangrel  ?  ? 1970s
Lester Vance Tremere  ?  ? until 1666
Lilika Kairos Brujah 7th Adana de Sforza circa 1493
Lithrac Samedi 9th Cock Robin (formerly Petrodon) since ~1950
Lucinde Ventrue 6th Severus until 1998
Lucita Lasombra antitribu 7th  ? circa 1496
Manuela Cardoso Pinto Brujah  ?  ? until 2011
Maris Streck Malkavian 8th  ? until 1998
Masdela Toreador 7th Madame Guil circa 1993
Michael Unther Toreador 7th Madame Guil circa 1993
Philippe de Margaux Ventrue  ?  ? before 1791
Qadir al-Asmai Toreador 9th Don Cerro late 19th century
Richard O'Shea ("Ricochet Flambe") Brujah (or possibly Caitiff) 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Robert Kross Ventrue  ? Democritus circa 16th century
Robert Van Owen Ventrue  ?  ? sometime after 1924
Rory McAndrew Ventrue 9th Violetta 18th & 19th centuries
Rüdiger Kleiss Malkavian  ?  ?  ?
Samat "Ra" Ramal Setite (or possibly Child of Osiris) 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Seth Geddes presumably Gangrel  ? Xaviar until the 1940s
Tamara Nayibé  ?  ?  ? circa 1999
Tatiana Stepanova Ravnos 8th Lucinde since 1998
Theo Bell Brujah 9th Jaroslav Pascek (formerly Don Cerro) from 1959 until Gehenna
Tomlynn "Tom" Sinclair Nosferatu 8th Karl Schreckt circa 1993
Vidal Jarbeaux Toreador 7th Madame Guil since 1998
Weasel Nosferatu  ?  ?  ?
Wilhelm von Bran Ventrue  ?  ?  ?
Xaviar Gangrel 7th  ? 1704-1711
Yevgeny Bodunov Gangrel  ?  ? circa 1983
Zachariah "Zack" Shale Tremere  ? Cock Robin circa 2002 until Gehenna
Zeke J. (allegedly) Gangrel  ? Luchenko until 1975


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