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In Vampire: The Requiem, the Architects of the Monolith (or "Masons") are a bloodline of the Ventrue clan.

Megalomania compels vampires of this lineage to deviate from even the dementia of other Ventrue. Recognizing themselves as veritable gods in their urban domains, so-called Masons make the gilded cage a Discipline in and of itself.

Originally formed by the Ventrue elder Ermenjart la Charpentière, a former Lancea Sanctum heretic, the Masons are obsessed with ritualistic geomancy, expressed by their unique Discipline, Gilded Cage (a strange blend of Theban Sorcery and Dragon´s rites). This secretive bloodline have a conspirational mood, and its members mostly join the Ordo Dracul or the Invictus, with few members in the Carthian Movement.

Their weakness is a strange narcissism that includes veneration not only for themselves but the whole bloodline, their secretive plans, their mastery of the Gilded Cage and, of course, la Charpentière. As they lose their humanity, they are very likely to develop megalomania.


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