When humans die and become Bound, their personalities, goals and motivations tend to be changed in predictable fashions, called archetypes. Acting in accordance with these archetypes as well as the character Vice or Virtue can gain the Bound Plasm, which is used to power Manifestations, but as a result of channeling the energies of death they are sometimes fatigued and dizzy (the next failed roll in the scene is a dramatic failure, regardless of how many dice are rolled).


Pleasures of the flesh are wasted on the living.

A Bound who uses their powers to make their new life more comfortable, reasoning they should receive material benefits for the tasks they perform. They may, for example, simply charge the family for exorcising a ghost from a car. Some less scrupulous Bonepickers may even "encourage" the ghost to hang out there for a few days first...


I know what happens next, and I'll be damned if I wait for it to happen.

Viewing their death as a "wakeup call", Celebrants live their lives as fully as possible. They may also encourage others, with varying degrees of success. They may go to the extreme of causing someone to almost die.


You've no right to be here. That's why I got involved.

Bound who protect the barrier between life and death. This means both policing ghosts who interfere with the living as well as stopping mortals who interfere with the dead (e.g. mediums, exorcists).


You can't build on a place without knowing what was there before.

A Bound who is more comfortable with the dead, viewing them as having more in common with her then the never-died (living). They may view death as another form of life.


A woman's imprisoned by that necklace. Hand it over or face the consequences.

Primarily driven by "survivor's guilt", Advocates exist to assist ghosts, even to the detriment of the living.


This city's going to wake up to a better tomorrow, because you're not waking up at all.

A Bound who judges who lives and who dies. Usually this does not include such petty things as bad driving, more murderers who have slipped through the cracks or incompetent physicians etc.


This Kerberos isn't just an enforcer; it's a petty tyrant. But I think I can get us on its good side.

Bound who study death and the changes it can work on ghosts. They also study the Underworld and the Kerberi, along with the Old Laws they may enforce.


The fire? Material things will only hold you back. You're better off without them.

Bound searching for enlightenment or salvation.

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