The five Archdukes were Lucifer's Fallen lieutenants during the Rebellion and the Age of Wrath. They were the leaders of his Legions and led the Fallen and their mortal allies against the Host of the elohim. But two of them betrayed Lucifer's goals by creating the Nephilim and as a consequence, the Rebellion was crushed and the Fallen were cast down into the Abyss.

When the Archdukes realized that Lucifer was not among them, they became twisted and spiteful of humanity, which they considered to be blamed for their Fall. When Lucifer's adepts in Babel summoned them back, they began to destroy the humans rather than to aid them. Horrified by this, Lucifer shunned them and the five vowed to destroy him, creation and his beloved mortals alongside.

Today, the Archdukes are the most powerful of the Earthbound and have long slept since the fall of the Roman Empire. But now they slowly begin to awaken.


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