Arcana Unearthed is a role-playing game created by Monte Cook and first published in 2003 by White Wolf and Malhavoc Press. Described as a "variant player's handbook", the 256-page hardcover core rulebook bears many similarities to the Players Handbook of 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, on which Cook worked a few years prior. In terms of rules, Arcana Unearthed is based on the d20 system of Dungeons & Dragons, although due to including rules for character advancement it cannot be an official d20 system product. (It does, however, use the Open Gaming License.)

Arcana Unearthed was later revised and retitled Arcana Evolved. See that page for further information.

Arcana Unearthed Books Edit

Only books released by White Wolf under the Malhavoc Press imprint are listed below.

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