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Garou glyph for Arcadia Gateway.

Deep within the Near Umbra, a Near Realm that bears strong resemblance to the tales of Arcadia, the mythical home of the Fae. Despite the true Arcadia lying somewhere deep within the Dreaming, it was once connected to the mortal world via trods that allowed the Fae to pass into the world. Their ability to touch and terrify so many, whether human or shapeshifter, resounded in the spirit world and created a semblance to Arcadia, quasi a Trod within the Near Umbra. It is said that as the forces of the Wyld retreated into the Umbra, many Seelie and Unseelie followed them, forsaking the staid conformity of the earthly realm. On Earth, Arcadia became little more than a legend. The ancient trods meandered throughout creation, wending their way through strange and fantastic places. But as the Weaver erected various Gauntlets and barriers to separate the distant reaches of the Tellurian, fewer trods led to their original destination.

Originally, the Arcadian Gateway was inhabited by emanations of various Fae, separated into Seelie and Unseelie as usual. But now, as Winter draws near, the Unseelie have claimed a great deal of the Realm under the leadership of Queen Marianna, making it dangerous for travellers and very inhospitable. Warped by the Wyld, these creatures continue to think of themselves as Fae or Changelings, for they are a reflection of all these stories that were once told and believed when the True Fae rode over the World. Not even the Resurgence can change anything about it.