Arcadia is the original home of the fae.

Overview Edit

Arcadia supposedly lies at the center of the Dreaming, but it has been sealed off since the Sundering. The gates were 'cracked open' by an influx of Glamour at the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, allowing the Exile/Return of the sidhe.

While Arcadia remains an inviolate paradise in the minds of the vast majority of fae, a growing number of them fear that it is in dire peril. Some hint that the expulsion sidhe (only the most naive believe they returned voluntarily) is a grave sign of trouble there. Many theorize that all out war has finally broken out between the two courts, a war that will soon draw in the fae of Earth. As some commoners might put it: The nobles muxed it up real good! Even more horrifying to some is the thought that the great walls of Arcadia are under attack by outside forces. Then, perhaps, some say, the newly arrived nobility are here because of a grand retreat — or perhaps they are here to prepare a counterattack. This is a hopeful sign to some, for it means the eventual reconciliation of the two courts. Whether this is true or not, not even the sidhe can say.

Some more "sensitive" changelings (those with a Remembrance of 4 or 5) have occasional dreams of Arcadia. Although these dreams are infuriatingly hazy and contradictory, they seem to indicate that the heart of the Dreaming is close to ruins. Most Kithain do not believe this, of course. Arcadia is eternal in their minds. Any suggestion to the contrary is a heresy. Arcadia fallen? Impossible!


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