Baron Arawn and Baroness Ellawyn are Seelie Sidhe Nobles of House Fiona in the Kingdom of Willows.

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Northeast of King Meilge's stronghold in the Kingdom of Willows lies the Barony of Vellumton. The wise lord and lady of that land hold strong Seelie sway over Kithain who live around the mortal towns of Athens, Madison, and Watkinsville. The barony is steeped in history and Glamour, renowned as a haven for artists and musicians. Arawn and Ellawyn rule over a prosperous court of commoners and nobles, and though Vellumton is a happy place, its guardians secretly worry about their Eiluned liege lord and the criminal elements among his retainers. The baron and baroness can find no overt evidence of wrongdoing and remain loyal to their king, but rest assured, they would be among the first to denounce him should darker times come to Willows.

Each spring, the two hold a grand tournament on their magnificent lawn at Whitehall Keep (a Victorian bed-and-breakfast to human eyes). Local mortals visit the tourney to ogle "them medieval people joustin'" and to sample the delicious foods from Ellawyn's larders.

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Arawn and Ellawyn embody the sidhe ideals of beauty; the baroness has golden tresses and soft-blue eyes and the baron is dark-haired with brown eyes. Both wear heraldic garb at all times, in the colors of House Fiona.

References Edit

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