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April was born in 1970 in Boston's Bay Village neighborhood. She studied fashion in New York before leaving to train with prestigious fashion houses across Europe. Upon her return to Boston in 1998, she founded her own house of high fashion. The unique anti-conformist elegance of her creations soon drew the attention of the Divas of Boston. They naturally invited April into their social circle, where she found herself intoxicated by their charm. April found an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the members of the clan of the Rose.

One member of the clan was a well-known art collector whom April met and became enamored with. Their boundless passion pushed her to accept an Embrace that she understood nothing about after only a few months. However, her lover and Sire quickly lost interest in her after the pride of flaunting his conquest in the most fashionable spots in Boston. The first years of April's unlife were spent alone, in solitude. She found refuge and support in one of Emem's clubs, where she learned all about her new nature and the history of the Kindred. There she met souls who were worn out by their mad hopes and suffering.

It was in this club that she first met Hazel Iversen, a Kindred whose Embrace and abandonment by her sire reminded April of her own circumstances. April admired Hazel for the way she was able to turn the situation to her advantage. April offered Iversen her support and her services. In thanks for her loyalty, Hazel granted her the title of Herald when she took over the domain.


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