Real-life Events

World of Darkness Events

  • 1972
    • An employee of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power notes in his weekly log that he's spoken with the mayor, who has sworn him to silence, and has promised an explanation within the week. Inquiries into the sealed tunnels are met with strange resistance.[2]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2000
    • Fidel Castro dies. Cuba spends the following weeks in political turmoil. When the dust clears, a democratically elected president and legislative body take control of the government. Cuba's relations with the rest of the world normalize by July.[5]
  • 2006
    • An OpMail from Agent Kyle Landers of the DEA is sent to Northeast Regional Director Michael Padgett, regarding the Tri-Cities Operation. The Tri-Cities drug ring has been busted, but no conclusive ties to the C-Z were discovered. They also discuss the appearance of a new drug called soma, rumored to be made from a nova's M-R node. It's also supposedly the only thing that can give a nova a sustained high.[6]
  • 2119
    • Aberrants attack a Lunar orbital base - an asteroid pulled into Lunar orbit - which was home to one of the new jumpship prototypes. An Aberrant known as The Colony also allegedly makes an appearance.[7][8] It's thought that this would result in a massive delay to the jumpship program, until Alex Cassel reveals to the world (including the Æon Trinity) that there's a second site kept secret by Orgotek.[9]


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