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==== [[Classic World of Darkness]] Events ====
==== [[Classic World of Darkness]] Events ====
* '''[[1204 (cWOD)|1204]]'''
**[[Constantinople (cWOD)|Constantinople]] is looted and burned by the crusaders of the Fourth Crusade.<ref name="BC11">{{b|VTDA|Bitter Crusade|page=11}}</ref> The [[Chosen of Calomena]] run rampant, seeking to destroy every last vampire in the city. [[Michael the Patriarch]] lets himself be [[Diablerie (VTM)|diablerized]] by [[Mary the Black]], ending the [[Trinity (Constantinople)|Trinity]] and the [[Dream (VTM)|Dream]]. The [[Long Night (VTM)|Long Night]] ends.<ref name="BC73">{{b|VTDA|Bitter Crusade|page=73}}</ref>
* '''[[1330 (cWOD)|1330]]'''
* '''[[1330 (cWOD)|1330]]'''
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