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The Apostates are a coterie of Antediluvians that are allied with Lilith in her quest for vengeance against Caine. The Apostates only appeared once, in the Gehenna scenario "Fair is Foul" in the Gehenna sourcebook.

The membership of the Apostates is as follows:

  • Eickos, also known as Narcise; she is the most secretive of the lot, to the extent that she is only nominally considered a member of the group. Unbeknown to the others (including Lilith), "Eickos" is an alias of the Crone, and her agenda is not entirely compatible with that of Lilith and the other six Apostates. Her power resembles that of the Lhiannan or the Ahrimanes.
  • Erinye, a wrathful avenger of the souls of the dead. She bears some superficial resemblance to the Lamia.
  • Ikopabe, a silent, bestial hunter. He may be the progenitor of the Gangrel, or at least of the Akunanse legacy of the Laibon.
  • Ilyes, the "True" Brujah Antediluvian, who (at least in this scenario) only ever Embraced one childe, Troile, the would-be diablerist who seemingly slew him in the Second City. The so-called "True Brujah" bloodline are in fact descendants of Troile; they are simply pretenders to Ilyes' name who have rediscovered the power of Temporis and claimed the Antediluvian's legacy for themselves, enraging Ilyes to an even greater extent than the rest of Troile's get.
  • Lucian, a preternaturally beautiful, charismatic, and narcissistic man. He may be the secret progenitor of the Nosferatu or of one of their bloodlines, such as the Nictuku or (more appropriately) the Guruhi legacy of the Laibon.
  • Malakai, the twin sister of Malkav and the first proxy casualty of the Jyhad. She shares in her brother's curse of visionary madness through their ties of blood, not through any fault of her own. Her mastery of Dementation extends well beyond mastery of the mind and into the realm of physical reality.
  • Mekhet, possibly the first and most eminent Cainite blood magician. He bears a strong resemblance to a mummy, and could plausibly be the ancestor of the Clan of Death or the Samedi.

Of all of these, only the Crone and the original Brujah Antediluvian were not created specifically for "Fair is Foul", and both of them use names here that had not been given in earlier sources. The names "Lucian" and "Mekhet" had been previously used to refer to certain Antediluvians, although it was never entirely clear which Antediluvians these names were meant to refer to.

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