Apocalyptic Forms, or Visages, are the empowered forms of the Fallen and are reflections or shadows of both their true forms as well as their purpose in Creation. Demons may assume their Visage as long as they have at least one point of Faith available, although this gets harder if they are in the presence of non-believing humans.


A Fallen's Visage grants several abilities:

  • Nigh-Invulnerability: The Fallen becomes resistant to lethal damage. As long as the Fallen are in their mortal forms, they are only as resilient as normal mortals.
  • Supernatural Form: The Fallen changes appearance according to the general appearance of the Visage - e.g. a Halaku will always be wreathed in darkness and silence to some degree. This change also temporarily restores missing limbs and body parts until the demons return to their mortal forms.
  • Angelic Abilities: The Fallen gain four low-Torment aspects of their angelic selves. They may choose to "switch off" any of these features whenever they assume their Visage (e.g. they may choose not to extend their wings when they are about to enter a confined area).
  • Demonic Abilities: The Fallen may also gain up to four high-Torment aspects of their demonic selves if they choose or if their permanent Torment reaches 6 or higher. These aspects start manifesting automatically as soon as the demons' Torment is high enough - the demons are overwhelmed by their darker natures and cannot choose but display this. Even angelic demons may utilize their high-Torment features (usually because they offer useful abilities like armor, claws, or endurance), but this causes their Torment to rise by one temporary point per activated feature.

A mortal witness may be overwhelmed by the presence of a Fallen's Apocalyptic Form. Depending on whether the demon has high- or low-Torment, the mortal may either flee in terror or fall to their knees to pray to a divine agent. Most people tend to forget their encounter, but strong-willed individuals are less affected.

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