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The Anziani Council (singular Anziano/Anziana) are the elders and de jure leaders of Clan Hecata.


The Anziani Council convenes their affairs at the Mausoleum in Venice. Formerly, the Anziani had supervised the Giovanni on a global scale. Furthermore, they assisted Augustus Giovanni in his pursuits, should he have awakened from torpor.

Although all Anziani shared the goal of the Endless Night (as all others who dared to question this goal were usually killed when Augustus rose from his slumber), many thought that they should not act hastily, and take their time to achieve their goal.

The Anziani had two divisions: the Anziani prudente, focused on obtaining wraiths for the Endless Night; and the Anziani appassionati, focused on encouraging violence and war in order to kill many mortals with unfinished business, so their wraiths can be enslaved.

After the death of Augustus Giovanni, the newly diversified Anziani Council took up the reins as the de jure authority of the nascent Clan Hecata. Foremost among their numbers are the elite group known as the 1444 Chamber, composed of the Capuchin and the late Augustus's most trusted advisers.


The word "Anziani" literally means "elders" in Italian.