Anweyth is a Legendary Treasure of House Dougal and the first Nonpareil.

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Anweyth, Mother of Steel, The Blade of Invention, is a beautiful short sword, inlayed in silver knot-work, with a handle of jet. It holds a mystical place in the lore of House Dougal; it was Dougal's last work: his nonpareil. Anweyth has two known powers: it tells any smith the secret of making steel; secondly, it cannot be coveted. Anweyth must be passed from hand to hand. (This is how the House lost track of it.)

Modern lore-masters of House Dougal believe that the sword's powers have grown over the years. They now believe that it inspires all creation and that it cuts through any creative block an artist, inventor, or scientist may have.

References Edit

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