Name: Anvari
Plural: Anvari
Nicknames: Pushers
Parent Clan: Daeva
Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Nepenthe, Vigor

Anvari are a bloodline of the vampiric Clan Daeva who can only feed on the blood of someone currently high on opiates or opiods. They are looked down on by the rest of their Clan and by vampire society at large for their association with human addicts: some worry that they are putting the Masquerade at risk, while others simply see a herd of chemically dependent kine as distasteful. This leaves Anvari in a precarious position, vulnerable to both their fellow Kindred and mortal law enforcement if their ties to the narcotics trade are uncovered.

Anvari only gain half vitae if they attempt to feed on a human who is not currently intoxicated by an opium derivative or synthetic substitute (morphine, heroin, oxycodone, etc.); their signature discipline, Nepenthe, allows them to inflict the effects of an opiate high on the target for feeding purposes. Of course, Anvari also experience the effect of the drugs after feeding, which can make them extremely vulnerable. Anvari are also uniquely sensitive to their Vices, losing Willpower if they pass up a chance to indulge them.

The bloodline traces is origins to Sepehr Anvari, a Persian opium merchant in what is now Baghdad. Anvari was Embraced by an opium-addicted sire, and he himself found his clients to be an easy and abundant source of blood. His childer followed the opium trade around the world, pushed nearly to extinction where it was suppressed and flourishing where it ran wild. In modern nights, the largest numbers of Anvari are found in the US and Western Europe, the largest markets for recreational opiates, though smaller numbers are found in opium-producing countries such as Afghanistan.

References Edit

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