Anubis was said by some of the wraiths of Neter-Khertet (the Egyptian Shadowlands) to be the first man who ever tasted death. Others say that he was once a Garou, who chose to venture into the shadowlands to fight the influence of the Wyrm in them by giving the restless dead a safe haven. Certainly, he was ancient even when Charon passed into the underworld and he had explored the afterlife extensively by the time the Stygian empire arose. He is the protector of the Egyptian underworld of Amenti, a character spiritually akin to the Lady of Fate, and he taught Osiris the Shadowlands section of the great rite that turns mortals into immortals, in the hopes that they might safeguard Neter-Khertet.

Because of this enigmatic wraith, an entity who could be said to have risen to some greater status among the spiritual pantheon, Amenti enjoys the status of the capital of the Immortal Shadow Realms. Hidden completely from unwelcome attentions, it does still manage to enjoy a strong relationship with the Ferrymen, who are indebted to Anubis.


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