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Antoine Le Fanu, born Pollius Felix Maximus, is an inscrutable Malkavian methuselah.


Le Fanu was born in Gaulish territories during the early Roman Empire and came to despise the occupiers. The Embrace gave him the weapons to actively work against them and their vampiric overlords and he quickly established a vendetta against the Nosferatu Trajan.

Le Fanu backed several weak emperors in order to weaken the foundation of the Empire and after Rome had collapsed, he left Italy in order to strengthen paganism against the growing threat of Christianity. He allied with Dark Selina, tried to fight Charlemagne and christianism – and thinks their failure is her fault.

In his ongoing struggle against Trajan, he attacked the informants of his rival, collapsing his Web of informants and leaving him vulnerable, all the while exposing his machinations to the Elders of the Camarilla. Currently, Le Fanu operates undercover on the American West Coast, examining the growing threat of the Kuei-jin influx in Kindred territory.