Anthology is the fifth expansion set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle designed by the Elder Kindred Network. Unlike the previous EKN expansions, Anthology was printed under a special license from White Wolf AB and includes reprints of older cards. This license required several changes in card text to avoid infringing on Wizards of the Coast trademarks (such as the terms "tap" and "untap").

The 100-card set was sold exclusively at World of Darkness Berlin in 2017, and its not available as a PDF download from EKN as other fan sets are. However, some of the cards in this set are "reprints" of previous fan-made cards and can be obtained that way.


A: Aisha az-Zahra; Alabástrom ; André; Anne-Marie Bourgeois; Apolonia Czarnecki; Appolonius ADV; Ashur Tablets
B: Brunhilde ADV
C: Cao Nguyen; Carlton Van Wyk
D: Deep Song; Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian; Dhita Choudhair; Domenic Giovanni
E: Enkil Cog, Eyes of Argus
F: Field Training; Flavia, Avenging Angel
G: none
H: Hamid Mansour; Heart of Nizchetus
I: Instantaneous Transformation; Inyanga
J: Joseph Fischer, Sabbat Guru
K: none
L: Laura Goldman; Dr. Lawrence Mayhew; Legacy; Liquidation; Louis Fortier ADV
M: Matasuntha; Monastery of Shadows; Monica Chang
N: New Carthage
O: none
P: none
Q: none
R: none
S: Salvador Garcia; Salvatore Giovanni; Sarrasine ADV; Shahara al-Rashwa; Shroud of Absence; Spiritual Guidance; Styles Margs ; Summon History
T: Target Vitals; The Line; The Medic; The Unmasking
U: Under Siege, Unleash Hell's Fury
V: Valkyrie, Vivienne Géroux
W: Weirich Waldburg
X: none
Y: none
Z: Zephyr


Elli Adams, Peter Bergting, Mick Bertilorenzi, Nicolas Bigot, Sandra Chang, Marian Churchland, Carmen Cornet, Steve Ellis, Christel Espenkrona, Anna Evertsdotter, Riccardo Fabiani, Grant Garvin, Alejandro F. Giraldo, Francesc Grimalt, Andrew Hepworth, Noah Hirka, Noora Hirvonen, Kelly Howlett, Imaginary Friends Studios, Mark Kelly, Heather Kreiter, Brian LeBlanc, Patrick McEvoy, Jeremy McHugh, Gábor Németh, Mark Poole, Ginés Quiñonero, Óscar Salcedo, Javier Santos, Christopher Shy, Lawrence Snelly, James Stowe, Jarkko Suvela, Laia López Tubau, Tomáš Zahradníček

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