The Annunaku are a very old Gangrel bloodline originating in the Near East. Their name refers to Mesopotamian gods of the underworld.

The Landlords are fiercely territorial, to the point that they suffer penalties when not in their own Demesne. They see the land and anyone who dwells there as their property, to dispose of as they wish--meaning they can be simultaneously terrifying tyrants and fiercely protective against outside threats. Their signature discipline, Tenure, gives them a supernatural awareness of what is going on in within the bounds of their claimed territory, while Protean allows them to literally merge with the soil itself. They can be extremely gracious to guests, but brutal against intruders, and it takes very little for someone to slip from one category to the other.

In the past, Annunaku might claim a Demesne ranging from a "haunted" cave to a rural manor. In modern nights, they have increasingly moved into urban areas, where their territories might be a small business, an apartment block, a neighborhood, or a monument. A small coterie of Annunaku might rule the same territory in a cyclical dynasty, trading off authority while some of them are in torpor, but this is rare. They are frequently unaligned to any covenant, perceiving this as an abridgement of their absolute authority over their Demesne.

Weakness Edit

In mechanical terms, Annunaku suffer a -2 penalty to all dice pools when outside their Demesne. This is reduced to -1 if the foreign territory is friendly (such as an Elysium) or if they are accompanied by a familiar companion. Specifically, they must have tasted the blood of this companion (i.e. the first stage of a Vinculum) in order to feel familiar with them. An Annunaku cannot have more familiar companions than dots of Composure. Dice bonuses from shared status mechanically offset this penalty but do not actually ease the Annunaku's discomfort at being away from their territory.

References Edit

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