Anne Del Greco is a scientist and the co-founder of JDG Cryogenics, a cryonics firm that later became the Orpheus Group projection firm.

Del Greco graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Ph.D in Electical Engineering. She founded JDG with Bob Jackson, a fellow engineer. She always had a traditional interest in the occult, and it was this fascination that made her ready and eager to accept the word of JDG client Jane Kennedy when she claimed to have crossed into the realm of ghosts. Del Greco eagerly embraced the opportunities presented by the NSA, but when Project Flatline went splendidly wrong, Del Greco seemed less than eager to put herself at the forefront of the company. Her fears seemed to be founded with the untimely death of Jackson; many believe he was murdered by the government. Del Greco continues to remain active in Orpheus as a member of the company board.

When Orpheus was destroyed by NextWorld, Del Greco, like the other board members, disappeared, never to be seen again.

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