Annazir is a powerful Baali, a childe of Moloch. He was the Cainite ruler of Damascus during Dark Ages.


Annazir was the most powerful Cainite in ancient Damascus. He has resided there since he was a young infernal recruit during its years as a Greek outpost over 2000 years ago. The Baali of Damascus held a great deal of power thanks to Annazir's maintenance over the great organ pit known as the Ibill al-Akbar.

Unlike many of his brethren, who proved too eager to release Hell's minions, Annazir possessed a disciplined patience. Hell was inevitable he believed, so why unleash it now? He remained quiet and subtle in his actions.

After the Children of Haqim struck blow after blow to several Baali strongholds, Annazir and five of the strongest Baali joined together and cursed the Assamites with a terrible blood thirst ("As you thirst for our blood, so you shall hunger for all blood all the time").

Besides the Baali, the Toreador were the second faction of power in Damascus. A Toreador named Darshuf controlled the city's ruling family. But Annazir slipped in with the Toreador and slowly corrupted Darshuf and his kin. By the time they found out who Annazir really was it was too late to do anything about it. Exposing Annazir's existence would destroy their own reputations. So Darshuf agreed to protect Annazir and keep him on as a high ranking advisor and in return Annazir would not corrupt the rest of Darshuf's childer.

Unfortunately, centuries of this power filled Annazir with delusions of grandeur and he has forgotten the lessons in subtlety that allowed him to become an elder. Now he is no longer satisfied with resting in the shadows and influencing events from afar. Now he was too visible to outsiders and openly relished his own corruption. The other Baali worry he will endanger them and are looking for a means to dispose of him, even if it means betraying him to the Assamites.

Annazir passes himself off as a humble Toreador who advises the city's elders – in truth he influences them. Although he has grown bold, he keeps a safe distance from the visiting Assamite delegation. If he becomes endangered, he is ready to pass off Darshuf or his advisor Barqat as scapegoats.



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