Annabelle Lee Newfield was the youngest of the Æon Society for Gentlemen, being only fourteen when the Society was founded in 1923. She was the major exception to the "for Gentlemen" moniker of the founding members, both in gender and in attitude. She spoke crudely and often with a mouthful of tobacco, yet she was one of the most valuable members of the team.

Annabelle: A variant of Annabel, itself a variant of Amabel, which derives via Old French from the latin amabilis, "loveable". Can also be read as a combination of the names Anna (a Latinate form of Hannah, which in turn ultimately derives from Hebrew Channah, "favor, grace") and Belle (French for "beautiful").[1]
Lee: Direction toward which the wind blows. As a personal name, it comes from the surname, which comes (via Middle English leye) from Old English leah, "clearing, meadow".[2][3]
The two names together are presumably meant to evoke the poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe, whose title character also died tragically and, until her death, "lived with no other thought / Than to love and be loved by" the narrator (much as Newfield loved Michael Donighal).

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Annabelle Newfield was a circus brat, the daughter of a contortionist out of an acrobat; her childhood was marked by lion-taming and learning to hold tableware with her toes. It was presumably also in the circus that she learned how to wield firearms like few females or males before or since; Scalper Dutch might have been able to out-shoot and/or out-draw her, but it's not recorded whether the matter was ever tested.

At 14, she was the youngest of Æon's founding members. Dr. Primoris insinuated that "purposes relating to pederasty" [sic] were behind her invitation; in fact, the goal of her inclusion was to deflate Safari Jack's disdain for the idea of a female adventurer. Tallon continued to treat her with "polite condescension" well into the Society's first year, but to the rest of the founders, she proved her skill in combat.

Sometime before World War II, her unrequited (and unrequitable) love for Donighal led her to betray Æon; this may have been connected with the conflict between the King of the World and the Ubiquitous Dragon that broke out in the late thirties. The betrayal led to her death, but that wasn't its only negative effect; it set the stage for Primoris to turn against Æon, and thus for the birth of Divis Mal and the beginning of Æon's days of secrecy.

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