Anna the Monster Maker is a Sluagh with a special gift for creation.

Overview Edit

are funny things. Most come to life spontaneously, spun from the memories of monsters and nightmares. Deliberately created ones are far, far rarer, and ones that conform to the wishes of their creators are rarer still. Then there are the creations of Anna the Monster Maker.

An itinerant theatrical designer in mortal seeming, Anna hovers around college campuses and independent theatre collectives. Small and fine-boned, she favors black turtlenecks, jeans, and work boots: the typical guise of a theatre tech. Her regular work, doing set design and construction, is astounding enough, but when the last nail has been hammered in, she switches to her true calling: creating chimera. No one knows how she manages to work such wonders, but work them she does... for a price.

Perhaps alone among the underfolk, she can will monstrous "living" chimera into existence. Her creations range from tiny, stinging flies with human faces to gargantuan, lumbering behemoths that dwarf trolls. While her creations can be fearsome, none will ever attack her or the one that she designates as that chimera's master.

When traveling, Anna is always surrounded by a pack of chimerical hounds she has created; these almost never leave he side. The monsters she creates for clients are generally both expensive and extremely reliable. Her name is synonymous with quality among connoisseurs of chimera.

References Edit

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