Anna Suljic, aka Dictatrix11, is one of the Imbued and an occasional poster on Hunter-net. She is the signature character for the Martyr creed.

Overview Edit

Suljic was no stranger to monsters even before she was imbued. She worked as a university lecturer in Sarajevo as Yugoslavia dissolved into civil warfare, and she and her family were eventually arrested and sent to a prison camp. There, a former family friend raped and tortured her until Anna managed to get her hands on a knife and kill him. The next day, UN forces entered the camp.

Immigrating to New York with the help of her bother and sister-in-law, Anna soon learned about the other monsters in the world. She awoke one night from nightmares to discover a group of wraiths feeding in her pain and terror. She found Hunter-net and began posting as Dictatrix11, befriending Witness1 and Scott Fairlane in the process.

Gradually, however, her resolve for the fight began to wane in the face of the enormity of the opposition. Anna dropped out of sight of the Hunter-net community and was almost prepared to let the insane hunter Sam Baines kill her: however, she realized that she couldn't leave the hunt up to monsters like him. She killed Baines and returned to active hunting.

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