Ankla Hotep was a Ravnos methuselah (possibly of Alexandrite origin) who was used by the Setites as a false Caine during a campaign in Berlin.


Ankla has been locked away in torpor for a very long time. Originally, he was part of a troupe of Ravnos that traveled through Europe and was the lover and friend of the Ravnos Natalia, who was also part of his kumpania. But even with his amazing powers, he was not able to avoid the explosion aboard the RMS Lusitania that injured his body and threw him into torpor. The Nazis managed to obtain Ankla's body and they brought him to Berlin for use in medical experiments.

The Setite Nefertiti discovered Ankla in Berlin. Back in their mortal teenage years, Nefertiti and Ankla were lovers, until then she discovered the truth – Ankla was really a vampire and he had been using Nefertiti for her body and her wealth. Nefertiti was incredibly hurt to learn this, but by then Ankla was long gone. Even after she was taken in by Set, Nefertiti never forgot the shame Ankla brought upon her. So while Ankla laid in torpor, Nefertiti manipulated his mind to forget who he really was and to believe he was Caine. Nefertiti hoped to use the newly brainwashed Ankla as her servant and destroy both the Camarilla and Sabbat for the glory of Set.

Ankla was very powerful and with the help of an amulet crafted for him by a Bane Mummy, his Chimerstry powers increase to the level of an Antediluvian. While using his Chimerstry, he was for all intents and purposes Caine and could alter reality around him within a five-mile radius. He was eventually stopped when his memory was returned, but it is very improbable that he managed to survive the Week of Nightmares, given his high generation.

Character SheetEdit

Note: values in parenthesis are for his Caine persona



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