Angelics and Demonics are a specific class of Plasmic found wandering the Tempest. They appear to be literal biblical Angels and Demons - complete with wings, flaming swords and the like. Angelics generally perform good deeds, while demonics generally try to kill or tempt wraiths. There are also more powerful versions of both: the Archangelic and the Archdemonic, as well as a rare fifth class, the Djinn.

Some Helldivers consider Angelics and Demonics a type of Legendary, but most wraiths see them as a category unto themselves because of the significance their form holds.


As their name would suggest, the Angelics appear as beautiful angelic beings in classic Judeo-Christian tradition: robes, halos, and wings are common, but some Angelics may take more androgynous or scintillating forms. They generally drift through the Tempest, aiding wraiths on their journeys.


Archangelics may appear similar to Angelics at first, but at some point change into fiery forms, terrifying to behold. They usually bear a sword or scrolls of judgement, and will use a special Castigate ability to draw out a wraith's Shadow in order to destroy it. The wraith's Psyche is then taken by the Archangelic for uses unknown, though it is suspected that the Psyches play a role in the forging of the Archangelics' flaming swords.


As their name suggests, Demonics are creatures who appear as a reflection of ugliness, lust, or both. The sole purpose of Demonics appears to be to torture, enslave, or destroy any wraiths they encounter. Some Demonics can temporarily take the form of Angelics, and may lead a wraith on before revealing their true form and inflicting punishment.


The opposite of the Archangelic, an Archdemonic will attempt to strengthen a wraith's Shadow instead of purifying it. They appear beneficial at first, teaching wraiths new Arcanoi, but will only teach the skills that cause them to gain Angst. Eventually, an Archdemonic will wear down their victim and allow the Shadow to gain control, making them a servant of Oblivion.


Angelics and Demonics are actually souls moliated and brainwashed into that form by the rulers of the Paradise of the Fishers. Possibly volunteers, possibly criminals, they serve specific roles in the paradise - as internal policemen (as Angelics) or torturers and engineers (in the case of Demonics). Any claims they make about Heaven or Hell are disingenuous at best, deceptive in general - their primary goal out in the Underworld is to reap more souls for their Potemkin Paradise.


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