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Anezka was a nun who lived in a convent in Prague during the Crusades. She became afterwards a ghoul for Vukodlak, a methuselah of the clan Tzimisce and later, an important figure within the Sabbat. She is the driving force behind much of the plot of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption


During the Dark Ages, the nun Anezka treated the wounds of the Crusader knight Christof Romuald, when he was left by his fellows in a convent of the city of Prague. The pair fell madly in love, despite the fact they could never be together because of their social status.

Confronted with this impossible love, Christof turned himself to hunt down the creatures of the night that stalked the city of Prague, making it safer for his beloved. However, when the knight managed to destroy a feral Tzimisce named Ahzra, he was sired to help the Promethian Cause.

When next he sees Anezka, he tells her that she must forget him. Which she does not, instead going hunting for him in an attempt to redeem her lost love. In the process she is enslaved and ghouled by Vukodlak, a Tzimisce methusalah.

Modern NightsEdit

Christof eventually finds the Vampires responsible for the kidnapping of his love, only to find the pure woman of God that he fell in love with is now a twisted, violated creature of the night who shuns him as an emotional weakling. She serves Vukodlak, an infernalist Tzimisce plotting to avert Gehenna by destroying all the Antediluvians. Or at least, pretends to. When finding her wall of memories, it becomes obvious that Anezka has been subverting the methusalah's plans all along, waiting for Christof to return and was even the one who sent the message to wake him.


Ultimately, the fate of Anezka depends on Christof's decisions. The actions he takes during his personal crusade to save her may render him more (or less) humane. If Christof succeeds in keeping his Humanity, he defeats Vukodlak and embraces Anezka (who, to this point, was surviving through the Blood of Vukodlak). However, if Christof fails to hold on to his humanity, he may Diablerize Vukodlak or, alternatively, be blood-bonded by the methuselah.. in either case, Christof feeds from Anezka, killing her in the process.



Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

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