Andrei is the Tzimisce Archbishop of the L.A. Sabbat in the video game Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines.


Andrei: Good evening, Deb.

Deb (a radio host): Yes, I think that's implied by the title of the show.

Andrei: (chuckle) Do you ever worry, Deb, that the world is going to end?

Deb (a radio host): I haven't felt that way since Brad Pitt got married.

Andrei: (chuckle) Do you have any idea how insignificant you are? When they start devouring the world, you will be but a bloodstain on their capes.

Deb (a radio host): I bet you say that to all the girls.

Andrei: There is a red star in the night sky. The blood of mortals and the blood of ages, all will be consumed. They are coming. These are the final nights.

Deb (a radio host): Okay! Well, good luck in the next election, Senator!

Not much is known about Andrei, but he speaks with a heavy eastern European accent and mentions an "ancestral estate", leading to the speculation that he may be from Revenant stock. Well-mannered and genteel, Andrei personifies the vampiric aristocrat associated with his Clan, as well as their inhumane ways of thinking and their disregard for their Humanity.

Tell me, child, is my appearance that frightening or is it my knowledge of you that is so unnerving?
  — Andrei

Andrei was the one who created the snuff tape that the protagonist found and delivered to Isaac Abrams. Having mastered both Vicissitude and Thaumaturgy, he created fleshcrafted ghouls to infest the sewers of Hollywood, to exile the Nosferatu from their "pestilent nests" in order to weaken the Camarilla.

He is the archetypal Tzimisce, refined and diplomatic, but also brutal and inhumane. He maintains his aristocratic air, but also he has an aberrant, reptilian appearance, and revels in various perversities such as blood, magic, sadism, and the Tzimisce's unique discipline, Vicissitude, the vampiric art of flesh-crafting. He hates the Camarilla, going as far as trying to eliminate the Nosferatu in order to "gouge out the eyes of the Camarilla". Andrei hates the Tremere the same because of how they became vampires; through Diablerie and the destruction of a few powerful Tzimisce vampires.



  • Andrei is one of the callers on the radio show, The Deb of Night, he warns Deb of the coming conflict and hints at the return of Caine, the vampire progenitor, and the Antediluvians.
  • If the protagonist is a Tremere, Andrei will mention the fact that the Tremere are usurpers who stole their immortality. He knows the fact that Tremere diablerized Saulot.
  • If the protagonist is a Malkavian, Andrei will call them a seer of truth and ask them if they have foreseen how the Tzimisce clan and Sabbat are the "True Kindred of Caine".



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