Andreas Aegyptus is a Follower of Set also known under the moniker Ankhesenaten, which means "He-Who-Lives-For-The-Sun-God". He is the signature character of the Setites in Dark Ages: Vampire.


He was once a Palestinian priest of the heretic Monophysite sect in early Christendom, until the official church declared him a heretic and began to hunt him.

Andreas fled to Egypt, settling in a small village whose inhabitants still worshipped Set. After many discussions with the villagers about the nature of their faith, he eventually converted, studying the ancient lore of the Setites. When he eventually gained the Embrace, he was named Ankhesenaten by his teacher, as a mark of shame for his past allegiances.

Ankhesenaten gained a reputation as a merchant-prince, who delivered goods all over Europe, traveling and spreading the teachings of the Dark God across the medieval world.

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