Ranking below the elders but above neonates, the ancillae (sing. ancilla) are vampires who have proven themselves as valuable members of Kindred society. Certain ambitious younglings may achieve the rank prematurely. Ancillae often serve as aides and agents for elders or the court. Ancillae usually play their own power games as well, though these are of lesser consequence than the manipulations of the elders.

Due to the huge increase in world population over the past few centuries, the vast majority of vampires in the world are ancillae or neonates.

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

In Vampire: The Masquerade, ancillae are vampires that have existed between 100 to 200 years of unlife. The temporal power of the elders is much more pronounced in VtM than in VtR, thanks to the absence of the Fog of Eternity.

Vampire: The RequiemEdit

In Vampire: The Requiem, ancillae are vampires whose Requiem has lasted roughly 50 to 150 years. Many elder Kindred are believed to be ancillae thanks to the uncertainty introduced by the Fog of Eternity.

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