Written by: Bethany Culp, Sebastian Freeman, Howard Ingham, Myranda Kalis, Joe Rixman, P. Alexander Scokel, Chuck Wendig, Filamena Young
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Production Manager: matt millberger
Developer: Matthew McFarland
Line Developer: Joseph D. Carriker, Jr.
Editor: Anita Hager
Art Direction & Layout: Craig S Grant
Interior Art: Juan Cale, John Christopher, Trevor Claxton, Bethany Culp, Erica Danell, Tariq Hassan, Jeff Holt, Mathias Kollros, David Krentz, Marco Mazzoni
Cover Art: Dan Dos Santos
Special Thanks
Joe Wallace and Andrew Pavlides for Greek assistance.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: April 15, 2009
Pages: 176
Year: 2009
Publication #: WW 25311
Reference #: ISBN 978-1-58846-357-9
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Price: PDF: $32.99

Ancient Mysteries is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem. It provides information on Elder vampires and the historical eras they come from, as well as how to use them in a Chronicle.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path catalog:

Flashpoints in the Fog
In a society made up of liars and murderers afflicted by a slowly eroding grasp of their own existences to date, who can trust the concept of history? Understand, then, that there is a scale upon which all Kindred are precariously balanced. As personal power weighs more heavily, the ability to rely on that monster’s memory of the past is lightened. How do the Kindred navigate this Mystery of Ages?
The Mystery of Ages
  • Explore the flashpoints in history that have shaped Kindred society – for better or for worse. Discover the mysteries of elder Kindred and how they navigate the Fog of Ages and their own thickening Blood.
  • Players will find a selection of rules for playing [[character]s from non-modern times as well as truly hoary ancients among the undead, with powers and Merits to match.
  • Storytellers are given useful advice for how elders navigate the Fog of Ages, and how to use elder characters, historical periods and the lassitude of age among the undead for the best effect in her games.

Prologue: Night, Winter and Death Edit

Introduction Edit

Chapter One: Piercing the Fog of Eternity Edit

Piercing the Fog of Eternity delves into the intricacies of the Fog of Eternity, and examines how the Fog can be useful in a chronicle. Learn the secrets of the coveted Requiem Diaries of the Kindred, and discover how to create and run stories set within a vampire’s torpid dreams.[1]

Chapter Two: Unstuck from Time Edit

Unstuck From Time looks at the old vampires themselves: what is it like to wake up from centuries of torpor and find that everything has changed? How do newly-awakened elders cope with the march of progress? Systems for creating elder vampires and vampires from the old nights, along with Merits, Flaws and Devotions all find a place here.[2]

Chapter Three: Relics of the Past Edit

Relics of the Past presents a number of historical vampires ready for use in your chronicle, or ripe for adaptation.[2]

Chapter Four: Flash Points in History Edit

Flash Points in History, we take a tour at breathtaking speed through ten periods of world history that changed the condition of the Kindred forever, and drops hints as to how vampires from the past respond to the modern world. The flash points are presented in reverse chronological order, beginning with the comparatively recent Great War, and ending in Ancient Egypt.[2]

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