Anastasia is an 8th generation Nosferatu from Milwaukee.


Anastasia had been a pretty girl during her mortal days, the most popular girl in school until a car accident that took the life of her parents and left her alone, twisted and ruined. That is when Parovich, her future sire came along offering his "help".

She hated Parovich, but he taught her everything about vampires and brought her to live in her haven among other neonates, which soon became her new friends. This lasted until her vampiric brother Kristian discovered that their sire was working for the Black Hand. They fled, hiding in empty cellars and sewer drains while hunting for food (mostly stray cats).

She gathered quite a little zoo around her, and the felines follow her whenever she changes home. Kristian still visits her once a week, bringing little gifts like flowers or perfume.

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