Anarchist is a political Impulse of the Unseelie Fae of the Shadow Court.

Overview Edit

Those who do not believe there should be any rulers belong to the Anarchist impulse (if the idea of a group of Anarchists isn’t a contradiction in terms). In actuality, this catch-all category throws together both those who believe the system of fae government is outmoded and should be torn down for something better (but have no idea what that “something better” is), and those who just want destruction for its own sake. The former might better be called the Rebuilders and the latter the Destructionists. The Destructionists see no future for themselves, for other changelings, or for the world. They don’t believe in the promises of an Arcadia Never-Neverland.

Neither group particularly cares about the Endless Winter; he Rebuilders because they see enough problems with things as they are now, the Destructionists because in a future in which there is no future, such things as annihilation just don’t matter. Most of them cheerfully Ravage for all the Glamour they can get, try to overthrow the entrenched Seelie nobility, and spread anarchy and chaos however they can. There are as many commoners as sidhe among the Anarchists.

References Edit

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