Anansi was the first of Queen Ananasa’s Children, and many claim he remains the wisest. When the Mother-Queen was captured by the Wyrm, it was Anansi who first found her and then tricked the Ovid into assisting in her release. Though the truth was lost a long time ago to legend, Anansi still takes the brunt of blame for triggering the First War of Rage, and for ending it for the other Ovid. His fellow werespiders hold him responsible for many of the Ananasi deaths that took place during that bloody war, but he is hailed as a hero because he managed to reestablish the contact between the Damhàn and their Mother-Queen.

Anansi is famous enough to live on in the myths of many people, a trickster god of wisdom and foolishness both. He is and has always been a rarity among his people. Anansi is said to still live today, moving through the world and watching over the Wyld places. He is known for his wisdom, his ferocity in battle, and his ability or recover from even the worst wounds. There are many who claim they’ve seen him at gatherings, but, of course, it’s impossible to be certain with a breed that can and often do change their appearance regularly.


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