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For the actual werespiders, see Ananasi

Ananasi is a sourcebook to Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It is the seventh book of the series describing the Changing Breeds, and focuses on the eponymous Ananasi werespiders.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Kiss of the Spider Folk
Out of the shadows they come, scrabbling on eight million tiny legs. They have no friends, only food. They have no enemies, only the dead. They are the children of Weaver, Wyrm and Wyld all in one, the predators among predators. They are without mercy or compassion, but they are never without style. They are the Ananasi, the children of Grandmother Spider and they're so very hungry.
Death on Eight Legs
With the release of the seventh Changing Breed book, the werespiders get their time in the spotlight. Ananasi contains all the tricks of the trade necessary for players to start up all-spider games, to add an eight-legged element to existing Werewolf chronicles, or to even beat vampires at their own bloodsucking game. If you're looking for something deliciously different for your next session, look no further.

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Athasaia, Grandmother Spider, Insect Races, Insect Wars, Kumatai, Kumo, Ovid, Padrone (WTA), Yahwie

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