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Ananasa is a Celestine spirit, supreme queen of the Ananasi.


The Ananasi derive their name from Ananasa, and they serve her and her alone. Her agenda is to restore balance to the Triat. The Weaver created her millions of years ago before going insane during the The Severing.[1] Ananasa created different species of flying insects by diversifying them 400 million years ago. 360 million years ago, the Weaver attempted to trap the Wyld and failed. Ananasa took the energy released and with the assistance of the Wyrm, who wanted to create and not only devour, made the spider as a perfectly balanced creature. It soon made its own spirit, pleasantly surprising both Ananasa and the Triat.[2] Ananasa speaks directly to the Ananasi and directs them in their agendas, and they are not allowed to follow any other totem.


As a totem, Queen Ananasa grants three dots of Occult and two dots of Enigmas while Her child is meditating in his Sylie (or, in the case of an Ovid child, while meditating in solitude). Her ban is that Her children must follow the Laws of Ananasa, and Ovid must cooperate with Ananasi. Those Ovid she favors must pay 8 points to purchase Her as a personal totem. She does not favor packs, and will abandon any follower who joins one (as she feels this is a violation of the penultimate tenet of Her Laws).[3]



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