An Analytical Engine is a Level 3 Nocker Treasure.

Overview Edit

Professor Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, proposed as a follow up to his Difference Engine, was the first computer ever designed (though it was never completed due to lack of funds). Nockers have elaborated on this early design and added many of their own innovations. This development, among with advances in chimerical sources of electricity, allows nockers to build computers in the Dreaming.

These "computers" are invaluable tools for nocker scientists and are programed with, among other things, Gematria software. (Such programs do not run on mundane computers and may even cause them to crash.) A nocker with an Analytical Engine may perform al mathematical tasks and those involving Gematria with difficulties reduced by three. These tools are wonders of clockwork engineering and are composed primarily of wood and brass. They are operated with a keyboard, record data on magnetic plates, and project their calculations into a glass ball filled with an incandescent gas.

References Edit

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