Name: Anakim
Nicknames: Giants
Fear: Hopelessness

Anakim are one of the Families of Beasts, representing nightmares of Hopelessness. Their nickname, the Giants, reflects the enormous size of their Horrors, but in nightmares Anakim may be represented as any figure with power over the dreamer, not necessarily just physical dominance.[1] Some Anakim have Horrors that reflect overwhelming forces of nature, such as a tornado or a mass of clashing boulders; others' Horrors may appear normal size, but with unsettling hints of the tremendous power at their disposal. [2]


Their primary Birthright allows them to smash through any physical obstacle in a single turn. If the obstacle is enhanced by supernatural means, the Anakim must spent one Satiety to destroy it.[3]

Alternate Birthrights for Anakim may grant them additional Health equal to their Lair rating, or allow them to detect and track anyone whose blood they have tasted or smelled. The latter Birthright also allows them to detect blood relations, including mystical ones (such as recognizing when vampires belong to the same clan or bloodline).[4]


Anakim often seek out kinship with other overt predators, such as werewolves and vampires, or with those who exercise power directly and bluntly, such as the Seers of the Throne. One of the few times an Anakim might show humility is when they attempt to befriend one of the Arisen, whose great age and power easily exceed anything the Beast is capable of. Conversely, they rarely pursue kinship with Changelings, Sin-Eaters, or Prometheans.[5]


Most Anakim pursue the Incarnate Inheritance , but many end up undergoing the Merger or even Divergence in frustration.[6]


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