Anadja is the current Del'Roh of the Tal'Mahe'Ra.


Anadja was born and raised in Alexandria during the Muslim occupation and control of Egypt. Her mother was native Egyptian and her father a wealthy merchant of Persian descent. She was barely old enough to marry when she caught the eye of Belisarius. Though the old Roman was traveling with his then lover, Shabah, he took a liking to Anadja's quick mind and independent personality. Shabah agreed to her Embrace, and the two treated her as a mutual childe. Anadja traveled with her sire and his lover for several years before he was called away to Constantinople. During their time together, Belisarius and Shabah taught Anadja to be a soldier and a fighter. Shabah taught her to use her feminism as a weapon against those who underestimated her power. Belisarius taught her tactics and military discipline. When Shabah was also called away to Constantinople, Anadja struck out on her own.

While traveling, Anadja met up with the Lasombra Pietro, who recognized Anadja's shrewd intelligence and warrior training. Pietro first inducted Anadja into the Tal'Mahe'Ra and acted as her mentor and elder benefactor during her first few years within the Black Hand. Anadja's excellent military training worked in her favor as she scoured the world of infernalists and those with diseased blood. Anadja spent only a few years under Pietro's tutelage before leading her own kamut. She spent fifty years as the Camarilla Prince of Yereven, Armenia, and a secret Seraph of the True Black Hand. She commanded entire armies of vampires in the constant conflict of the land before she was elevated to Del'Roh of the Tal'Mahe'Ra. She retired to Enoch and cleanly transitioned to running the sect. Anadja's calculating attitude and focus on her goals has kept the Tal'Mahe'Ra running smoothly for over 250 years.


Anadja is a mix of North African and Middle Eastern descent. She has long, thick, black hair, dark brown eyes, and light olive skin. She often wears Persian period dress or what she believes to be modern clothing, depending on her mood. She has been known to hold meetings with her Wazir council wearing nothing but jewels and gossamer fine drapes. Anadja has not left Enoch during the entire time she has been Del'Roh, and her sense of fashion and clothing style has definitely been affected by the time away from the material world.

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