Anacreon is the highest rank the average wraith of the Hierarchy can achieve in Wraith: The Oblivion. Anacreons only answer to the Deathlord in charge of their Legion. The primary role of the Anacreon is to run the Citadel in each Necropolis controlled by Stygia; the Anacreon is unquestionably in charge of all of their Legion's affairs in that area.

Each Legion, with the notable exception of the Legion of Fate, will have an Anacreon to represent them in each of the major Necropoli. In turn, the Anacreons form a council that decides on the major issues of the city under their control. However, politics and dealings among the Legions can allow one Anacreon to have more power than their fellow council members, and so give them more say in the Necropolis' affairs.


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