The Anachronism are the manifest Fae of Arcadia, embodying the Arcanum of Time, and can be called down by the use of Supernal Summoning.

Anachronism are, as their name implies, out of their appropriate place-time and as such, stand above the flow of time within the Fallen World. Anachronisms appear in a variety of forms related to the passage of time. They may appear very old, very young, or both old and young simultaneously. Many Anachronisms manifest along with imagery related to chronology in some way: clocks, calendars, mechanical objects, a beating heart, a metronome, an hourglass.

Anachronisms have unparalleled understanding of time, and are said to be able to journey anywhere in it flow or change the rate at which it flows, but, because of their nature as Fae, they are capricious and untrustworthy, so the Summoner should watch his tongue and show respect to the Anachronism every time.

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