Amy Moore is a Bishopsgate nurse compiling reports on the Room 202 case. She is also a victim in the Doppelgänger case, the investigation for which was ongoing during her maternity leave.


Little is known of Ms. Moore, bar that following Martin Holly's suicide, in which he tore his wrists open and mangled his face to the point of being unrecognizable, she began looking into previous occupants of his room, Room 202, finding that, despite all having different pathologies, six different occupants rapidly acquired new, consistent symptoms. Those visiting all claim to hear something like "rats in the walls".

Sensibly, the nurse has put in a request to stop the room’s use immediately and begin a thorough investigation.

Assuming that she is the same Mrs. Moore mentioned in the Doppelgänger case, the intern Matt Case interviewed her for his own investigation, due to her having been targeted by the being, which a patient saw "[drinking her] breath".


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