Ibiza is known for many parties and clubs, but in Aberrant it's also the home of the greatest nova-only club — The Amp Room.

Founded in 2007 by the highly successful baseline enterpreneuse Travius Diaz, the Amp Room is a prestigious club catering to all the desires for a party a nova could have, and also allowing a certain amount of illegal vices for the perusal of its patrons.

Seen as a neutral zone, novas of all colors and allegiances come to the Amp Room. While tensions can appear, they are cut in the root by most of the guests who don't want someone to wreck their favourite spot, and by the highly capable elites on retainer. The club's bouncer/greeter, gay nova icon Andy Vance, is particularly good at using his enhanced social abilities to calm the unruly.

The Amp Room is well known for its trademark Amp Well drinks, rumored to consist of adrenalin, coca plant extracts and many other exotic ingredients.

In 2015, the Room was trashed during the chaos of a Proteus/Utopia joint-op intended to capture key Aberrants and Terats. Diaz, who'd been having doubts about the Room since a year after it opened, sold the property to Vance and his husband, ex-elite Jake "The Dragon" Korelli, who made plans to recreate it as the Phoenix Room.

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