Ambrogio Baudolino is the founder of the conspiracy Malleus Maleficarum. In the 16th century Baudolino, then a minor bishop, urged Pope Paul III to create a holy order of hunters to battle against the forces of the devil. Having been enslaved by a vampire himself, Baudolino claimed that he wanted nobody to have to face such torment. Baudolino swiftly took control of the new conspiracy and guided its hunters in finding vampires and destroying them.

What most hunters don't know is that Baudolino is still very much alive and still commands Malleus Maleficarum from the shadows. Officially, Baudolino died in 1601, but he relies on blood from captured vampires to preserve his life, having become a ghoul in the process.

Baudolino has a relationship with the Lady of Milan. The two have secret meetings at least once a decade.

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