Amazon War is the conflict resulting from the crusade called by Golgol Fangs-First against Pentex operations in the Amazon.


To the mortal visitor, the Amazon appears calm and serene. Sunshine reflects off the dew, moistening the towering trees. The rivers and streams whisper quietly to the many animals inhabiting this grand place. Under the boughs, there lurks a darker truth where rival forces are bent on conquest and destruction. The Wyrm and its ally, Pentex, have made the first move by establishing bases in the area. They strike out at Gaia with all their hatred and might, orchestrating the destruction of the rain forests.

Pentex's plan for the Amazon is simple: continue the industrial expansion into the forest at any cost. Mercy is alien to them and they spare nothing in their path. Bane spirits scream in the shadows of newly constructed factories. The air is filled with the tormented screams of Amazon spirits as they cry to the winds for aid. The instigators of this suffering - black-hearted, callous spirits - also lend their cries to this symphony of misery that filters through the towering trees, tugging at the hearts of all who listen. The gauntlet is weak in this area, torn apart by Pentex's destruction. A portal has been created through which many great evils have entered the world.

This is just the beginning - only the Garou and a few other Fera stand in their way. They are pitifully weak compared to the might of Pentex and its armies, yet they do not falter, nor do they retreat. Constant raids are launched by the Garou against Pentex and their forces. The legions of the Wyrm strike nightly in search and destroy missions, intent on suppressing Garou resistance. To the casual observer, it is a great expanse of untouched forest, but the Garou who fight here, it is a twisted, macabre haven of despair, growing worse with each passing day. To the werewolves, this is a war which must be won at any cost, for if it is not, then there will be nothing left to fight for, as Gaia will die.

Thousands of acres of forest land are destroyed yearly by corporations intent on profit alone. It is a dark time for the thousands of species of plants in the jungle could hould the cure for many devastating diseases. Millions of these plants are wiped from existence by massive deforestation before they have even been discovered. Every day, an estimated 74,000 acres of rain forest are lost to deforestation. Pentex, in the guise of an international corporation, is raping the land for no other reason than to hurt Gaia.



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