The Amari are a minor clan of Arctic Kindred, possibly an offshoot of the Gangrel, or of a lost clan the Kindred call Mikhaili. Their talent for preserving Vitae in harsh environments made them a curiosity in the courts of Europe during the 19th century, but global warming and inter-Kindred warfare has brought the once powerful clan to the verge of extinction. Tonight, they sponsor environmental extremists and other green defenders to remind the world of their suffering.

Clan Bane[edit | edit source]

The Winter Kings are masters of the long Arctic nights, but the Pale Curse has made them fear the day more than other Kindred. As such, they find it especially difficult to resist the Beast in the face of fire and sunlight.

Conservation and Rationing[edit | edit source]

Amari use their Vitae more efficiently than other Kindred, only needing to expend Vitae once a week rather than per night. In addition, through sheer will they can crystallize their blood and preserve it in lean times.

References[edit | edit source]

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